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Albert Park Project

Albert Park Project: A Sanctuary Created In Inner City Living

The idea of a sanctuary is a place where you can relax, decompress and be restored. The concept of the sanctuary has been around for thousands of years — it is the perfect place you go to escape from the chaos of everyday life.

That place could be a garden, an orchard, woodland or even your own home if you have the right design and décor. It’s somewhere that restores your soul rather than draining you. Inner city living has its appeal however this can somewhat be comprised of smaller spaces and a busy lifestyle.

The latest project by Greysea Landscape Group set about utilising this small space and creating a sanctuary for the homeowners.

The use of vibrant and lush planting

We worked closely with the homeowners to bring a sense of zen to their small outdoor living space. The design incorporated the use of well-established trees, which can be difficult to bring into tight areas, however, our choice of the Gingko Biloba and Japanese Maple allowed us to not only calm the space but allow space for the alfresco area. Lining the stone paving with ferns and dichondra to bring texture and lushness to the garden.

Rich colour and texture with soft and rocky surfaces

Using a thick 40mm granite stone stepper in crazy paving from the side walkway through to an elegant square garden, we were able to create space in a natural way while preserving the fullness of the calming plants and species. Though low maintenance was a key feature, we ensured irrigation throughout and hidden with decorative gravels and toppings which bring another element of texture to the project.