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Mount Waverley – Landscape

Mount Waverley Native Landscaping Project

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget that we live in a thriving natural world. Mount Waverley is home to some of the most beautiful gardens, and parks around; however, bringing a sense of open landscape with native features has been somewhat lost. Working closely with the homeowner in the design and concept of this landscaping project we were able to bring simple elegance to their property while making a statement.

What is Native Landscaping?

Native landscaping is the practice of planting species native to an area in order to create a sustainable garden and promote biodiversity. Native plants have evolved over time to work with the natural conditions of the area, so they require less water, fertilizer and maintenance than exotic (non-native) plants. Native landscaping has many benefits for both people and the environment. For example, when people plant native species, they support the biodiversity of their area and create habitats for native wildlife. Native plants also reduce pollution and create cleaner, healthier cities. For people, native plants provide a wide variety of benefits including reduced water and energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased property value and increased soil fertility.

The Process: Native Landscaping Mount Waverley

The process involved many aspects of native plants, together with feature basalt rocks and native grasses and groundcovers. However, the architecture of the property demanded continuity through the landscaping. Greysea Landscape Group set about bringing in key architectural elements from the house, with large burnished floating concrete steps set amoungst the native scene and custom exposed aggregate steppers and paths. We also wanted to ensure the ease of maintenance, further to the native species planted and ensured the irrigation and lighting would not only make this possible but feature the unique design from dusk til dawn.

At the rear of the property, we constructed a polished concrete alfresco area, custom steel arbour, gates and pool fencing to blend into the natural elements. With sandblasted granite paving surrounding the pool giving off a salt and pepper finish together with its non-slip natural feature.

Final Words

The benefits of native landscaping are numerous, and Mount Waverley is the perfect place to begin this environmental initiative. When you choose to plant native species of trees, shrubs, and flowers, you are not only creating a more beautiful community, you are creating a sustainable environment that is better for people and wildlife alike!